Professor Zagursky Eye Surgery Center

Opening of  Professor Zbigniew Zagursky Eye Surgery Center was held on 9 October 2009 in Volyn region, in Lutsk. "Work with CORIAN, conducted by Galych-Grand was performed professionally" - this assessment we received from the Ukrainian representative of the world famous brand DUPONT - U.S. manufacturer of material CORIAN. This is the first of Ukraine's surgeries of this class, where, except design, a key role was played by engineering. Seamless decoration artificial stone walls, windows and doorways, requiring from employees of our company's exceptional skills. The result, in addition to invaluable experience, is the first in Ukraine surgery, where the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological station on surface finish are considered at 100%, which in our country is not so common, and? taking into consideration the specificity institutions of this type? is necessary. Certification of materials for surgeries from producer was received  for the work according to European standards. Not every artificial stone handler in Ukraine can put it for credit.