Halogen lamps

Their bright, "live" light creates an effect of glossy surface and it does not distort the natural colors of objects. This is especially valuable for decorative lighting of objects. Halogen lamps serve for a long time (2000-6000 hours), and the light output from them is quite full – about two times higher than from incandescent lamps.

Miniature halogen lamps are operating at a voltage of 12 V, requiring the installation of transformer (voltage, as you know, is 220, and, if they are connected directly, they immediately fail). Transformer doesn’t take up much space, its size is comparable to a pack of cigarettes, but it must be mounted in a place, where it doesn’t get wet.

Halogen lamps often serve as fixtures over the working surface: they are mounted under the auxiliary cabinets. Another option is a group of rotating brackets that reinforce the ceiling (general lighting). These bras can be guided in any direction, creating the necessary emphasis. Another solution: many small spots in a false ceiling. For this purpose, in most cases, are used halogen lamps with reflector.