Lacobel is decorative colored glass, coated on the back side with a layer paint and lacquer coatings. This colored glass is produced at enterprises of AGC concern (Belgium) and with its help various kinds of furniture, tables, standard and sliding doors for cupboards and wardrobes and more are produced. Lacobel glass can get interesting designer solutions for restaurants, cafes, offices, shops, etc.. Paint coating that is applied to the colored glass Lacobel, endowed with a high moisture resistance, in contrast to glass, pasted with decorative film, this allows using colored glass for rooms with high moisture – kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, the materials that make up the paint layer do not contain environmentally harmful ingredients, making colored glass suitable for use in any premises. To improve exploitative security, colored glass can be glued with transparent protective film that prevents from the broken glass strewing and thus injuring people.