Artificial acrylic stone Tempest

Artificial acrylic stone Tempest by Samsung is very similar to natural stone. Tempest is extremely beautiful. Large transparent blotches and reflective particles create a visual depth.
Beautiful appearance of Tempest combines all the other physical characteristics, inherent in artificial stone: impact resistance, moisture resistance, environmental friendliness, ease in care oafter the finished product.
Tempest color palette is incredibly beautiful: blue sapphire, emerald green, deep black, white surround. Manufacturers have tried to overcome nature in the richness of texture and colors of artificial stone.
It is used for making countertops, windowsills, bar and administrative pillars, columns, walls, bathrooms.

Artificial stone Tempest is unique in its structure, because it contains a special large transparent particles that create the effect of depth. Artificial stone Tempest is similar to natural marble, endowed with all the wonderful qualities of artificial stone. Products of Tempest provide interior refinement and elegance. This is one of the most expensive synthetic stones.

Products from Tempest quickly take the room temperature, and become warm to the touch. In the color palette dominate the dark, noble colors.