Artificial stone DuPont Montelli – is a composite material, widely used for interior decoration of bathrooms, making kitchen countertops, window sills, furniture, wall cladding. And also, in health care facilities, hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and beauty salons. DuPont Montelli – is non-porous material, which makes it extremely resistant to various contaminants and bacteria. Being firm and uniform, it is very strong and durable.

Montelli is largely similar to Corian, as well durable, nonporous, and seamlessly glued together, but has a lower price. Seamless connection of artificial stone sheets Montelli is also an advantage of this stone. Due to this property it is possible to manufacture products of all sizes and shapes, and 10-year warranty from company DuPont is another strong argument in favor of Montelli.

Series Montelli Basic


Series Montelli Ultra