In 1966 DuPont ™ concern is developing a new original solid material for work surfaces.

In 1966 DuPont ™  represents CORIAN at an exhibition in Houston, Texas for the first time. There are 4 colors in the palette - Olive Mist, Autumn Gold, Cameo White and Dawn Beige. Today, the last two colors are the most popular colors of artificial Stone DuPont Corian.

In the making

At first, artificial stone Corian was used for interior of bathrooms. Very quickly CORIAN® finds new scopes for its remarkable properties, namely - in kitchen countertops. DuPont ™ Company continues to improve the technical, operational and aesthetic characteristics of artificial stone CORIAN®. The length of the sheet is increasing. The color is controlled by computer technology.
The company began production of the first sinks and kitchen sinks, made ​​of artificial stone CORIAN® (Corian). Development of new processing technologies, such as milling, grinding and thermo forming. Thermo forming - one of the most important advantages of artificial stone, allowing you to create products of any shape. In the product range a number of adhesives and sealants, corresponding to colors of sheets, produced, is added. The color palette CORIAN® is expanding.

The beginning of 90th

Starting from the 90th, artificial stone Corian is increasingly being used for the manufacture of window sills, furniture and even lamps. Bar counters, railings, columns are made of Corian. It is also used for wall cladding.


Today, more than 40 years after its invention, the artificial stone Corian continues to move forward.

Corian is widely used in the residential market segment - it is used for decoration of bathrooms and kitchens, window sills, walls, furniture and lighting fixtures.

This material has quickly gained popularity in the commercial market segment, it is used in banks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shops and beauty salons.

Good, strong, very fashionable and practical, Corian has created a new standard in high-end decoration.