Artificial stone requires minimum of care to maintain its original beauty.

With proper care, artificial stone over time remains as beautiful and practical, as in the beginning. Although artificial stone material is strong enough, however severe shocks or sharp objects may damage, leave traces on the product.

Removing dirt surface artificial stone

With normal pollution sufficiently wash the surface with soap, water and a sponge. To remove difficult stains, use a variety of ways, depending on the type of artificial stone surface:

Items made of artificial stone with a matt surface

Stains from water wipe with a damp cloth
Small spots wash with soapy water or ammonia based detergent
To remove difficult stains use abrasive cleaning powders
For brightening simply wipe the surface with a sponge with light circular movements.
To disinfect periodically wash the surface with a solution of household bleach (1 part water and 1 part bleach).

Items made of artificial stone with semi-glossy surface

To remove difficult stains use a nonabrasive chlorine paste for cleaning.
Stains are removed with light circular movements.
If you would like to improve the shine and color, use non-abrasive polishing paste and after the procedure wipe with a paper towel or cloth.

Items made of artificial stone with glossy surface

Use the same procedure, as in the semi-gloss surface, but instead use a simple abrasive sponge
You can also use a mixture of polishing to remove stains with a soft cloth with light circular movements, in this case you may need to polish the entire product for the recovery of homogeneous surface.
In case of serious damage of the surface - see section instructions, associated with repair

Cleaning of sinks and artificial stone sinks

All sinks and artificial stone sinks have matt surface.
Periodically cleaning the sinks, use a solution of water with bleach, fill the sink with the solution for one quarter, let it stand for 15 minutes, then rinse and wipe it dry.
If the inner surface of the sink was covered with hard coating, fill it overnight with the solution or bleach powder for biological treatment.
Taint from hard water on the artificial stone surface can be easily removed with the products, specially used for this purpose, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Removing scratches on the artificial stone surfaces

Excellent quality artificial stone is one, which can be repaired in case of damage. In such cases it is best to contact your supplier of artificial stone.

Repair of artificial stone

Artificial stone is uniform and durable material, resistant to various types of stresses. If you accidentally damaged the surface of your artificial stone product, do not worry, it can be restored. Ask your dealer, installer or manufacturer of artificial stone.

Exposure to high temperatures for artificial stone products

Artificial stone is more resistant to high temperatures than conventional materials. However, do not put on the stone pots and pans, taken directly from the plate or removed from the oven and electric heating devices. Always use protective pads or coasters with rubber feet for hot pans or electric heaters. In order not to damage the product of artificial stone, resulting from severe temperature changes, before you pour boiling water into the sink initially recommended to include cold water.

Additional precautions for use of artificial stone products

Chemical impact

Artificial stone is resistant to corrosive chemicals, but still you should not expose your product with artificial stone to their influence. If substances such as solvents, paints, cleaning agents for metal and stoves, substances containing chlorine methylene, acetone or acids got on the surface of your artificial stone product, then immediately rinse it with plenty of water and soap.

Mechanical impact

Although artificial stone material is strong enough, however severe shocks or sharp objects may damage it, leaving traces on the product. We do not recommend you to cut food directly on the surface of the artificial stone product, for cutting the products better use cutting boards.