Presented in 2009 by DuPont, a new collection of decorative finishing panels for interior design with solid material DuPont ™ Corian ® was the real revolution.
The collection includes intricate three dimensioned elements, based on advanced technology solutions that allow you to quickly convert the DuPont ™ Corian ® sheets in exquisite and sophisticated items.
Mural and aesthetically attractive three-dimensional patterns of the "Mathematics" series were developed based on visualization of some famous mathematicians functions - all thanks to the collective creativity of authors, led by Corrado Tybalt, architect from Dupont subdivision "Innovation in Construction", who invited chartered engineer Alessio Erioli and architect Andrea Hratsyano as independent consultants..
In the series "Mathematics" there are 6 different models available:

Phyllotaxis (700 * 700mm)

Moire (2450 * 750 mm)

Gauss (2440 * 725 mm)

Fourier (2485 * 760 mm)

Fibonacci (2200 * 720 mm)

Voronoj (2450 * 750 mm)