Solid, sturdy

Natural minerals, making up the material, make CORIAN® hard and very resistant to shock and damage. This is especially important when using CORIAN® in interiors with lots of people. The base sheet thickness of Dupont Corian® is 12,3 mm. It is recommended for any horizontal surface, as it raises its quality compared to using 3mm, 6mm and 9mm materials in terms of hardness, strength and durability.


The structure of the material Dupont Corian® has no pores and cracks, so it is exclusively resistant to various contaminants and stains due to contact with household liquids (eg, ketchup, vinegar, lemon juice, coffee, wine, etc.).

Uniformity of Dupont Corian® structure is especially important when used in wet and corrosive environments with temperature changes, for example, in the bathroom or pool. Moisture and liquid aren't absorbed into the surface, preventing thus the formation of fungus, bacteria, mold and odors.

The absence of seams and joints

Made in form of sheets, Corian® later connects with special super-strong glue. Such connections are non-visible seams and joints, so it seems that all three-dimensional objects are monolith. Architects and designers have a unique opportunity to go beyond in size and shape. In addition, seamless surface of Corian® is more hygienic as characteristic places of pollution, which are usually seams and joints, are excluded. Unlimited design possibilities. Corian® can easily be handled, grinded or polished.

This creates a rich selection of exterior surfaces. Corian® is a plastic material. Using a special technology of thermo forming, products, made of Corian®, can get various, and sometimes whimsical, decorative shapes.

Wide range of colors

One of the undoubted advantages of Corian® is a wide range of colors. Using the forecasts of professional colorists, Dupont makes Corian® in such variety of colors, which can satisfy the most demanding taste. Here are solid colors that never go out of fashion, and variations on the theme of natural stone, and bold color compositions of contemporary design. The broadest color palette of Corian® (over 100 colors) allows to combine it with different materials and create unique interior compositions in any style, combining Corian®, if necessary, with other materials: wood, ceramics, stone, stainless steel.

In addition to this rich color palette Corian®, Dupont also affers special exclusive colors for special commercial projects. They can be designed by order and exactly match the corporate colors of the company, underlining its image.

Repair suitability

Unlike natural stone, the damaged surface of Dupont Corian® can be easily restored.


Dupont Company provides 10 year warranty on the material, but worldwide there are plenty of interiors made with Corian®, which are more than 25 years, and they look like new.


Thanks to its unique hygienic properties, Corian® is widely used in the interiors of medical institutions.

Corian® is a material, based on natural minerals and acrylic resin. These components, on the one hand, make the material hard, but on the other - non-porous, solid in structure. Surface of Corian® is not afraid of spills and stains. Seamless connection eliminates the presence of seams and joints - traditional places, where dirt collects. Due to its nature Corian® is easy to clean, taking care after it is easy. But like all decorative materials, the best way to retain its quality, if it is handled with care.


High environmental standards are maintained by Dupont, starting with the use of raw materials, production process, and ending with recycling. The materials of Dupont Corian® include trihydrate alluminium tryhidrate - white powder, which is made on the basis of toothpaste; acrylic resin, which is actively used in dental practice, when installing seals, and food pigments that are completely harmless to humans. The surface of Corian® does not emit any odor and any background radiation.
During manufacture Corian sheets have small waste and scrap, which are used for the production of kitchen boards, door handles, etc. Very small-sized waste is used as a filter material in other industrial processes.
Crushed waste Corian® is used as a component in the creation of special nutrient soil for growing indoor and agricultural plants.